Psagot Musical

Musical Instruments for the public space

                 We invite you to join us in connecting to music outdoors

and create an innovative environment that invites creativity and unification

through musical instruments in the public sphere

Innovation and a variety of instruments
Tuned sounds in the public area
Magic notes for successful play
Standards and quality for over 20 years
חדשנות ומבחר גדול של מוצרים
צלילים מכוונים במרחב הציבורי
מערכות נגינה להצלחת הנגינה
שירות מעולה, איכות ואמינות מעל 20 שנה

Musical Instruments

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Additional Projects


What is special abour our instruments?

Here at  Psagot Musical, with the help of a sound engineer who specialuzes in the building of instruments, have developed a line of tuned musical instruments designed for use in the public space.

Psagot Musical Orchestra for Hanukkah

To celebrate the holiday of Hanuukah, the Psagot Musical orchestra made this video. Although our instruments are filmed here in an enclosed space, they are intended for the public space. They're tuned entirely by

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