At Psagot Musical, our instruments produce real, precise notes and not just a nice ring to the ear. The instrumets are built and designed specifically so the player cannot make any unpleasant or jarring noises, only nice and melodious notes.

But still, we all know there’s nothing like the familiar tunes we know and love.

Therefore, we have developed accompanying signs for our instruments, where the magical notes allow the playing of familiar tunes and songs to all, even without any musical background knowledge.

The musical sign is designed to facilitate song playing to anyone who doesnt know how to read music, with the help of a color coded system.

On all the instruments there is a set color for each note, and on the accompanying signs the notes are displayed according to those same colors. This allows anyone who follows the sign’s instructions to play a song, even toddlers.

From our experience the overall experience in the park in enriched greatly by the accompanying signs.

There is even an option to customize the songs according to the customer!