Marimba MU-P9601

The Marimba is originally from Africa, from where it spread to the rest of the world and underwent upgrades and changes manifesting themselves in sound, raw materials and appearance.

Our marimba is made from strong, durable materials but produces a soft and easy sound.

Every note in the marimba has its own sound box, and each sound box strengthens the sound produced by the note.

Our Diatonic Marimba has 15 notes that create two octaves, with which one can play a wide variety of songs and tunes.

The notes are made and adapted to different sizes.

It is easy to create harmonies to well-known tunes or to make music by randomly hitting the notes.

Includes a pair of drumsticks
Reccomended to add a musical sign
Option for hanging on wall

Height: 3.09 ft/ 94 cm
Length: 6.82 ft/ 2 m
Width: 2.59 ft/ 78 cm