Metallophone MU-P9600

The Metallophone is a magical and inviting percussion instrument.

As its name suggests, it is made up of metal and sounds.

It is very easy to identify it as a musical instrument,and it appears in hundreds of different forms in different countries.

The sounds of the metallophone are produced from the pipe’s round shape, and the pitch is determined by the length of the pipe.

Our metallophone has15 notes comprising two octaves. The notes are made and adapted to different sizes.

It is easy to create harmonies to well-known tunes or to make music by randomly hitting the notes.

 Includes a pair of drumsticks
 Recommended to add a musical sign 
Option for a double Metallophone

Height: 5.91/1.80 m
Length: 4.72/1.80 m
Width: 1.31/140 cm