Street Organ MU-P9602

The Street Organ is a chromatic and totally professional instrument.

It is tuned with gaps of half-notes and made accessible in a piano-like form.

The notes on the lower level of the organ are the notes repeated on the familiar Do Major scale –Do-Re-Me-Fa-Sol-La-Si-Do-Re-Me-Fa…

The notes on the upper level, like a piano,represent the half-notes ‘hiding’ on the Do Majorscale (these notes are represented by a # – sharp,in the music world).

Using chromatic instruments, one can play every possible scale and song (in the western culture).

Includes a pair of drumsticks
Reccomended to add a musical sign
Additional version for toddlers

Height: 2.62/79.8 cm
Length: 7.01/2.13 m
Width: 5.00/1.52 m