Here at  Psagot Musical, with the help of a sound engineer who specialuzes in the building of instruments, have developed a line of tuned musical instruments designed for use in the public space.

With these instruments, endless tunes and new or old melodies can be played.

All of our musical instruments are tuned ahead of time for harmony. Therefore, the player cannot leave the “ladder” that was set, and will not be able to make unpleasant sounds, just pleasant sounds to hear.

This setup enables an instant success experience for players, who can easily produce wonderful and pleasant melodies without any prior knowledge or experience of notes or playing.

Musicians who are familiar with the notes will be able to play on Psagot Musical’s instruments any meoldy they desire.

Our types of instruments complement each other musically and combine rhythmic and melodic instruments.

The interaction between the different musicians in the park creates a long-distance musical discourse and a special experience of joint public playing of a complete orchestra.

Learning and experimenting on such musical instruments by way of play enables a unique experience for the player as well as the listener

All of the materials we use are standard and durable for the public space for years to come.